The Reverend Dr. Neil G. Cazares-Thomas Senior Pastor Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ

Many have written about the Gospel of Luke. On my personal bookshelf, I have numerous commentaries and Biblical Exegesis that lend scholastic insight into the nuances of its intended audience and meaning. However, Steve Gosling writes from a different perspective. Gosling offers inspiration to his writing of this commentary on the Book of Luke. Drawing from Biblical commentaries and other writers he adds the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as he brings together his thoughts into an easy to read and understand commentary. This book is made available to anyone who just wants to dive in a little deeper and grasp a better understanding for themselves—always allowing the God who is still speaking to speak again, and again as the Holy Spirit guides personal study and interpretation. I pray that anyone who reads it will open themselves us, like Steve to what the Spirit was saying through Luke and how we might make that relevant today.

Dan Griswold Coordinator and Stated Clerk at Holland Classis, RCA

Steve Gosling has offered to the church a study of Luke's Gospel that will be of help to leaders and participants of adult Bible studies. It would likewise be a welcome companion for private devotional use. Using the theme of the great promises of God, this study walks the reader through Luke's narrative with confidence and purpose. Evident on every page is the author's passion and love for the subject matter and especially for the Lord Jesus, to whom Luke bears witness and invites us to know.

Reverend Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch Senior Pastor First United Methodist Church Allen Texas

To Seek and Save is beautifully written. Steve Gosling has such a way with words.  I was completely engaged and inspired by the way he took me through the whole of Luke's story.  And I felt the tension building in me as I read his interpretation, his commentary and his exhortation to listen well to Jesus' invitation to follow completely. Many of the commentaries I read for my work are so scholarly and dry, but this one is accessible, inspiring and even, dare I say it, exciting! I recommend his commentary to any person interested in knowing more about Jesus, who he is, what he came for and what it means to say, "I am a Jesus Follower!" Thank you for this great work, Steve!